Virtual meetings with Executive Superintendents

The DOE is engaging with parents, school leaders, students, and other stakeholders to collect ideas and perspectives on admissions for fall 2021. All parents and students are invited to join virtual borough-based meetings with Executive Superintendents: 

  • Bronx with Executive Superintendent Ross Porter on Wednesday May 27th (6pm-8pm) 

  • Queens with Executive Superintendents Muñiz-Sarduy and Spencer on Thursday May 28th (6pm-8pm) 

  • Staten Island with Executive Superintendent Lodico on Friday May 29th (6pm-8pm) 

  • Manhattan with Executive Superintendent Rosales on Monday June 1st (6pm-8pm) 

  • Brooklyn with Executive Superintendents Watts and Freeman on Tuesday June 2nd (6pm-8pm) 

The link to speaker sign-ups will be available the day before the meetings.  Updated information will be posted as it becomes available. Check the link below for more details.


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