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M.S. 127 Parade

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Dear CHMS family,

Monday, June 15 we will have live homeroom, and teachers will leave work for students. There will not be live class in order for everyone to participate in the parade. The parade will start at 12:30, and go through Westchester Square and Parkchester. A picture of the route is attached. Staff who are in the parade will live stream on meet so if you can't come out you can see. Please be sure to wear a mask and social distance if you come outside to watch the parade go by.

We cannot wait to see you, even from a distance! Have a great weekend.


Harry Sherman

Principal, MS 127

The Route:

Cars can line up on Purdy Street in front of 127.

Make a left on St. Raymond's Avenue

Take St. Raymond's Avenue to Zerega Avenue(make a right)

Once on Zerega make an immediate left to stay on St. Raymonds to St. Peter's Avenue ( Make a Rt)

St. Peter's to Frisby Avenue (make a right)

Frisby to Zerega Avenue (make a left)

Zerega to Westchester Avenue(make a right)

Westchester Avenue to Parker Street (make a right)

Parker Street to Castle Hill Avenue(bear right)

Castle Hill Avenue to Metropolitan Avenue (make a left)

Metropolitan Avenue to Metropolitan Oval and exit oval at Unionport Road (3rd exit on round about)

Take Unionport Road to Westchester Avenue(make a left)

Take Westchester Avenue to Castle Hill Avenue (make a left)

Take Castle Hill Avenue to Parker Street-school yard (make a left)

Parker street to Purdy Street (make a left)

Take Purdy Street to RETURN to 127.

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