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Coronavirus Update from the Chancellor

March 19, 2020

Dear Families,

In order to successfully fight COVID-19, our first responders, health care providers, transit workers, and other key personnel must be able to come to work. That is why we have created Regional Enrichment Centers (RECs)—places where the children of these front-line workers can be safely cared for while their parents continue to serve the city in this time of need. Staffed by DOE employees and community-based organization partners, the centers will provide children with three hot meals daily, remote learning time with their teachers, activities like art and music, and social and emotional support. Regional Enrichment Centers will be available citywide.

If you are a first responder, health care provider, or transit worker whose child is a New York City resident, and you have no other child care option, please complete this survey (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdDNFMOezuG9mCu99utf3dkloTpdEhzBB1ancwlaeT3ny7uEQ/viewform) to begin your enrollment process. You will then be contacted about assignment to a site near your home. These centers are not available for any other New Yorkers at this time. We will post additional updates and information on the DOE website about RECs as we have it at schools.nyc.gov.

Additional information about Regional Enrichment Centers: 

RECs will be open from Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 

Each room will have a maximum of 12 children, supported by at least one adult; this size will both allow for personalized attention and will meet social distancing needs.

RECs will also have nurses on site. 

Children will have the opportunity to participate in remote learning with their regular school, as is the case for all NYC public school students. 

Children will also have opportunities to engage in art, music, and physical education.  The environment will be safe and supportive, and staff will be prepared to respond to children’s social and emotional needs 

Children will be offered a site based on their home address and their parent or caregiver’s role in providing essential services. 

Students will be asked each day to bring a device they can use for remote learning if one is available.

Please compete the survey today ONLY if you are a healthcare worker, first responder, or transit worker. Following survey submission, the DOE will contact you with additional details about where and how to bring your child to a REC site within 48-72 hours.

If you have questions about enrollment for the Regional Enrichment Centers, please call (718) 935-2200.

Sincerely, Richard A. Carranza


New York City Department of Education

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